Friday, April 20, 2018

MSHA Part 46 New Surface Miner Initial Training

MSHA Part 46 training regulations apply to both training and retraining of Miners engaged in Shell dredging or employed at sand, gravel,surface stone, surface clay, colloidal phosphate or surface limestone mines.

New surface miners are required to have an inititial 4 hours of training prior to starting work on the job site and they must complete 24 hours of training within the first 90 days.

Our training satisfies the classroom portion of the training and the remaining hours may be conducted on the jobsite by the competent person.

Click on the graphic below to enroll securely. Take the 8-hour new miner training course 100% online and you may print your completion certificate immediately. We have provided links at the bottom of this page to the Mine Safety and Health Administraion website for the Certificate of Training Form 5000-23 and also to an Instructions page for completion of this required form.

You will receive your Cerificate of Completion immediately upon successful completion of each module as a pdf document that you may print.

Upon successful completion of each module, the student may print out a certificate of completion. MSHA requires the 5000-23 Certificate of Training Form be completed by the employer. Mine Management or the competent person typically sign the form. National Safety Training does NOT sign the 5000-23 form.

This course focuses on regulations per MSHA 30 CFR Part 46.

Course Benefits:

  • Take the Courses 100% Online
  • Access to Printable Tests and Answer Guides
  • MSHA Specific Training With Completion Certificate
  • Complete the Course in Sections, At Your Own Pace
  • Take the Course Wherever You Have Internet Access
  • Take at least 4 Hours of Training Prior to Starting Job Site Training

The MSHA Part 46 New Miner 8 Hour Training Package Consists of These 27 Independent Modules That Would Cost $540.00 if Purchased Separately:

  • MSHA Surface Miner Training Overview - 29 Minutes
  • MSHA CFR 30 Overview - 43 MInutes
  • MSHA Chemical Hazards Overview - 31 Minutes
  • MSHA Emergency Spill Response - 28 Minutes
  • MSHA Hazard Determination - 9 MInutes
  • MSHA HazCom Overview - 46 Minutes
  • MSHA Mine Safety Rules - 37 Minutes
  • MSHA Reporting Hazards - 47 MInutes
  • MSHA Elements of Electrical Hazards - 37 Minutes
  • MSHA Sources of Electrical Hazards - 23 Minutes
  • MSHA Emergency Procedures - 51 Minutes
  • MSHA Rights of Miners - 24 Minutes
  • MSHA Rights of Miner Representatives - 30 Minutes
  • MSHA Environmental Hazards Overview - 50 Minutes
  • MSHA Hazards from Weather Conditions - 16 Minutes
  • MSHA Mobile Equipment in Mining - 129 Minutes
  • MSHA Stationary Equipment in Mining - 48 Minutes
  • MSHA General Equipment Guarding - 25 Minutes
  • MSHA Mobile and Stationary Equipment Guarding - 80 Minutes
  • MSHA Mobile Equipment Hazards - 86 Minutes
  • MSHA Stationary Equipment Hazards - 51 Minutes
  • MSHA Physical and Electrical Hazards - 59 Minutes
  • MSHA Line of Authority Structure - 28 Minutes
  • MSHA Operational Line of Authority - 18 Minutes
  • MSHA Administrative Line of Authority - 9 Minutes
  • MSHA First Aid/CPR - 76 Minutes
  • MSHA Accident Prevention - 216 Minutes
  • Final Exam

MSHA Recognized Training

Once the student completes the necessary amount of training and has received their certificate of completion, the site manager or competent person should download and print form 5000-23. The mine management will fill out their company information along with the students information and training received. The form should be signed by the competent person on the site who must verify that the training was completed. The form must be signed by the same person listed on the site's MSHA Part 46 training plan in order to be considered valid..