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OSHA-Authorized Training on Your LMS

Our Training, Your LMS – Easy LMS Integration

Already using your own LMS (Learning Management System) to administer and track training for your employees? All courses we offer utilize technology that allows us to deliver OSHA-Authorized training directly to your LMS. This technology allows our proprietary LMS to link to most client systems and launch training with intricate security and delivery requirements – without the hassle of large content files or updates.

How Does It Work?

Simply import and launch a SCORM 1.2 zip file within your LMS and receive the same quality course content and user experience we offer online. You will have the ability to track student assignment and completion in your LMS while allowing us to administer the training and all program requirements. With this cross-platform technology, businesses have the power to train employees on a flexible and ongoing basis, without the headache of using multiple systems or being forced to double back later. Once we test the implementation within your LMS environment, we will provide you with unique files for each course to easily import.

From our LMS to yours – the integration process is simple, and the content delivery is seamless.

How Do I Get Started?

Simply fill out the form below and an implementation specialist will be in touch!


How do I know if our LMS is compatible with your courses?

Our files are SCORM 1.2 compatible and will allow most host platforms to link to our system.

Can I preview your courses in our LMS before making my decision?

Yes, absolutely. We will provide a proxy SCORM 1.2 zip file for you to import to your LMS. This will allow you to preview the course in your own LMS environment and work out any kinks or bugs that might be present.

What happens if your courses are not compatible with our LMS?

There are more than 700 LMS vendors in the marketplace, and each platform is built differently. Most systems work with one of two standard packages. For any others, we will work directly with you to find the configuration that works best with your LMS.

Is my LMS hosting content and providing certificates?

Due to the regulated nature of our training, we are not permitted to launch the full course program through a partner platform due to very strict security requirements. With our cross-platform technology, we make the process FEEL seamless to the end user, who are often not even aware they are working in a different system!

Will students need to create a username and password to register for the course from our LMS?

No, students will not need to create logins at all to complete the course. They will simply launch the course from your LMS seamlessly into ours! The first time they log in, they will provide us with their student information and will progress right into training.

Who will provide support if we experience any issues with the courses in our LMS?

You will have a dedicated Account Manager from testing all the way through your relationship with us! We also offer 24/7 course and technical support for any questions students may have about their training.

What billing options are available?

You may either purchase a pre-set number of course licenses that will be assigned to your package, or you may choose to pay as you go and receive a monthly bill for the courses that have been registered to a student.

I don’t have an LMS, is that a problem?

Not at all! If you are not using an LMS now, you can purchase one-time use codes for each student seat and assign them to students as needed. We provide you with a back-end login to our system to have a full view of student progress, quiz scores, graduation dates and certificates.