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Open a Corporate Account With Us

National Safety Training/ makes it easy for small and large businesses to open a corporate charge account. Simply download the corporate account setup form, fill out the required information online, print out the completed form and fax it to our accounting office at 888-732-7205. Faxing sensitive information is PCI compliant and much more secure than simple email.

How Does the Corporate Account Work?

The National Safety Training Corporate Accounts Program is a very simple system much like a house charge account. Once you complete the form and fax it to us, we will approve and set it up within 24 hours. All accounts with a valid Federal or Tax ID and credit card number will be approved.

We will provide you with a Learning Management Sytem (LMS) with a very user-friendly interface. Your company will receive discounted pricing based on your course volume. We offer group pricing with 5 or more courses. Our corporate account specialists will assist you in getting started and will even register all your people for you once you provide the necessary information.

The LMS will allow you to keep track of your employees progress and retrieve and reset your own passwords as needed. You may also purchase additional courses as needed from within your LMS and the courses will automatically bill to your account. In addition, you may run your own organizational reports and assign employees to different divisions, locations, etc. as needed.

Group discounts are based on quantity of courses ordered. Small companies will receive a courtesy discount of 10% if your order does not dictate a larger discount. We have posted our quantity prices on the corporate application and on the sliding tabs below.

If you have any questions about our corporate account program please call us toll free at 866-229-2193.

Key Points

  • All that is needed for approval is a valid federal or state ID and credit card number.
  • Indicate the number of courses you want to order initially in the boxes provided or leave it blank and we will call you if you have any questions.
  • We will apply a discount to your pricing structure based on the number of courses. If you have under 10 people we will apply a standard 10% discount to all courses.
  • You will be able to purchase additional courses (called "seat licenses" in our system) as you need them and assign them to your employees to begin their courses.
  • All courses taken by your employees will be billed to your company.
  • Your company will be responsible for paying for all courses taken by your trainees via your LMS.
  • The OSHA Campus Online accounting department will provide a detailed report of all certifications and employee names prior to billing your account for verification purposes.
  • You will be billed twice monthly on the 1st and 16th of each month. Terms are net 15 days.
  • We prefer payment by ACH or credit card, but you may choose to pay by company check.
  • If the account is not paid within 15 days, our accounting department will make a courtesy call about the account.
  • If the account remains unpaid, the authorized credit card on file will be charged for the amount of the invoice.
  • If you employ "subs" that need training also, we can issue you a company discount code that you may pass on to them to receive your discounted pricing, but they would then pay for any and all courses by credit card when they purchase them on the website.