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MSHA Part 46 Training FAQs

Why do I need MSHA Part 46 training?

If you work in a surface mine(s) with any of these materials, you must complete this mandatory training: Sand, gravel, stone, crushed stone, sandstone, surface clay, colloidal phosphate, marble, granite, slate, shale, traprock, kaolin, cement, feldspar, and limestone.

What is an MSHA Part 46 Training Plan?

As defined by the MSHA Part 46 Code of Federal Regulations, a Training Plan contains effective programs for training new miners and newly hired experienced miners, training miners for new tasks, annual refresher training, and site-specific hazard awareness training. Mine operators regulated by Part 46 must develop and implement a Training Plan.

Several employees need training. Are bulk discounts available?

Yes. We offer a tiered pricing schedule for those who want to purchase multiple courses at one time, in any combination, for groups large and small. Get more details or call 1-866-229-2193 to speak with a sales representative on our business accounts team.

Some employees need New Miner training while others need Refresher training. Can I still get a bulk discount?

Yes. You can buy these courses in any combination you need to match your workforce's needs. Learn more or call 1-866-229-2193 to speak with a sales representative on our business accounts team.

Do these courses include any in-person or classroom sessions?

No. Both courses are fully online, meaning your employees can take them at their convenience and pace on any internet-enabled device — computer, mobile, or tablet. Trainees can also log in and out as often as necessary. Our system saves your place.

How long are these courses?

8 hours.

How do I get my certificate of completion?

Each trainee receives a free, instantly downloadable U.S. Dept. of Labor Certificate of Completion as soon as they complete the course. We can also mail a copy for a small fee.

MSHA Part 46 New Miner Online Course


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